In memory of my father

My father was very special. He was a scientist who was superstitious and believed in things science couldn’t explain. He believed in something higher than us, in energy and life in other dimensions. As a man, he was not the ideal example of how to be a (gentle)man or an investor. As a father he showed his love by spoiling us, supporting us with the things we wished (toys, foods, quality time,¬†amusement parks, waterparks, music instrument, game consoles). He was calm and treated me like a prince. Every time I think of my father I can feel his unconditional love, he always wished us the best, it feels so warm.

It’s sad, we didn’t have a lot of time together. I remember when we talked and laughed like we were friends, I remember the time we had fun together, sitting on his shoulders, learning Judo, eating noodles at 1 a.m., dressing me up and bringing me to school when I was lazy, meditating together, I truly miss him.

He always believed that his children were angels before they were born. I remember that as a kid I never trusted anyone, not even myself. The first time I learnt to trust someone is when he promised me that it wouldn’t hurt when he cut my nails. He tought me how to bike eventhough he couldn’t. He said that I can do it, I believed him. He always told me that once I’ve grown up, I will be smart, successful, powerful and superrich. I am the one who will create good karmas and make the world better. He claimed that he is not as high ranked as me and when I can, I should make good karmas for him, making the world a better place and he will rest in peace.

Every time I think of him, I get so emotional and become the little child I used to be, as if taken a time machine. His words never left me.

Rest in peace Sahatchai!

You will always be a part of me and I will keep my promise.

Love, your Gampan