About Me

I was born October 3, 1956 in Bangkok, Thailand.
I've changed my name from Nattapon to Sahatchai Wanawongsawad.
RIP since 26. Januar 2008

Scientist / Engineer

I worked internationally as a specialist in chemical weapons and water treatment system.


I'm a father of two kids whom I have never grown, one stays in Thailand and the other one stays in Munich. Returning of my kids is my dream.


I believe in Reincarnation and in Siva, Vishnu and Brahm. Buddha found the way how to cease reincarnation by going to nirvana.

Technical paper

The theory of colors of water in the swimming pool
The Property of Similar Conics in Projective Geometry
Methods of constructing perspective polygons
Biz-(2-chloroethyl)-sulfide, distilled 96% Mustard Gas
Methylphosphoryldifluoride the precursor of SARIN
BRAHMACITTA Principle and Practice to get Brahma’s Mindfor Laypersons

Believing and experience

Who is the greatest god of all gods?

Siva is the greatest god of all gods in the Universe.

Who is the greatest god on the planets?

Brahma who got order from Siva to create living environment on the planets for Angels and Asuras. Earth was not intentionally created for human. Human beings have just been evolving from primates. The direction of human’s evolution is to improve sensory perception for the 5thD.

Where are the Angels and Asuras on earth?

Everywhere in higher dimensions than the 4D (3 space + 1 time) of which 5 physical senses of human beings and creatures (eyes, ears, nose, tongue, and touch) can not be perceptible.

Why does Brahma have 4 faces?

The 4 faces of Brahma are able to be rotated, meaning, he has no senses of front nor back, and left nor right. This is a metaphor to teach everyone about how to live together peacefully by means of sincerity (no front nor back) and impartiality (no left nor right).

Why does Brahma who is the son of Siva and Vishnu look like an old man while Siva and Vishnu look young?

Brahma had to work in the time field on the planets while Siva and Vishnu had never. But, the split souls of Siva and Vishnu which came to earth get older and older with time.

Why did Prince Sitthatta (Buddha) have a tremendous effort to find ways how to cease reincarnation of individual by going to nirvana?

Because he was shocked when he found that life is not eternal as his father King Sutthotana) had been deceiving him by not allowing him to see birth, aging, illness and death for 26 years. This inspired him by a great deal to find ways how to cease reincarnation. And he found one way.

Why do Buddhist monks eat meat while they are teaching people that killing is a sin?

The prime duty of the Buddhist monks is to hold 227 commandments so that they will be able to deliver food donated by putting food in the bowls of Buddhist monks in the morning to the world of the dead after eating the food. As the soul of the dead needs to eat and they eat meat as do their relatives who donated food which contains meat for the Buddhist monks in the morning. Such food can also be delivered to wait for the donators after dead if the donators did not intend to send it to their relatives in the world of the dead. The point is that in order that the food can be delivered to the world of the dead, the Buddhist monks must eat it. Thus, in the community where people eat meat, the Buddhist monks must eat meat too. But if people in the community are vegetarian then the Buddhist monks shall eat vegetarian food. The excessive food which is given by the monks to poor people shall not be delivered to the world of the dead but became a merit to the donators only. People should not donate food to the Buddhist monks who have already got too much food. Practically, the Buddhist monks shall pour the same kind of food in the same bowl, and every bowl shall be put in the center of the group of Buddhist monks who sit surrounding them as a ring. Then they shall take the cooked rice just enough for each of them to eat into their bowl and shall try to scoop up little food from every bowl just to match the rice they took so that all donated food shall be eaten by the monks and be sent to the world of the dead.

Will cloning of human make the same original person?

No, it won’t. Cloning of human body did not clone his/her soul either.

What is Soul?

A soul is an individual life form in higher dimensions than the 4D (3 space +1time) of which the sensory perceptions of humans and creatures can not be perceptible.

Do plants have soul?

Yes, they have but different from creatures and of lower ranks.

Does microorganism have soul?

Yes, in simple form. The souls (not body) of virus/bacteria/diseases are the results of Mantras of Angels, Asuras, Bodhisattvas Kuan-Yin (for HIV), Gods, Goddesses, Naga (for shingles), etc.

Do the holy-statues have soul in them permanently?

No. But a soul can superimpose onto a holy-statue from time to time. A common to medium rank soul can superimpose onto a person and controls his/her body to be the medium. High rank souls do it by grasping at the medium’s brain-stem as they are too powerful for the medium to bear.

Can soul die?

Yes. When soul died by being killed in the fight with other soul or by focusing on a very high rank soul, that person (in 4D) will die for real within 3 months. Soul can get old when it is in time field and can be weak or ill. A soul can be split to take one part of split outstanding Karma of that soul when his/her Karma is too much for it to take liability in reasonable times of reincarnation. Low rank souls are opaque while higher rank souls are more transparent. Souls have colors too.

What is life?

Life is a physical body in 4D combined with a soul (life form in higher dimensions than 4D). Thus, a life form is a soul free from body or a soul situated in a body. (Souls are in 5D or more.)

How many dimensions does the Universe have?

Eleven. The higher the dimension, the higher the rank of soul (the original one) is situated there.

How can we contact souls in the 5D or more?

By meditation or by the 6th sense (mind). An experienced person can move his/her soul to other places with one end of the soul string still be connected to the crown of his/her head. The longer the distance the more difficult for that person to breathe. Overseas are considered a short distance.

Does projective geometry end at Pascal’s theorem (1640 A.D.) and Brianchon’s Theorem (1810 A.D.) on hexagon inscribed or circumscribed a conic section?

No, it does not. See my articles No. 1 and 3 on this website where 2 and 3 conics play their roles.

Can we explain the behavior of non-equilibrium systems by existing mathematic?

No. Calculus of non-equilibrium systems is required together with some physical laws which govern basic behaviors of non-equilibrium systems. My articles on this shall be posted here soon.


In memory of my father

My father was very special. He was a scientist who was superstitious and believed in things science couldn’t explain. He believed in something higher than us, in energy and life in other dimensions. As a man, he was not the ideal example of how to be a (gentle)man or an investor. As a father he showed his love by spoiling us, supporting us with the things we wished (toys, foods, quality time, amusement parks, waterparks, music instrument, game consoles). He was calm and treated me like a prince. Every time I think of my father I can feel his unconditional love, he always wished us the best, it feels so warm.

It’s sad, we didn’t have a lot of time together. I remember when we talked and laughed like we were friends, I remember the time we had fun together, sitting on his shoulders, learning Judo, eating noodles at 1 a.m., dressing me up and bringing me to school when I was lazy, meditating together, I truly miss him.

He always believed that his children were angels before they were born. I remember that as a kid I never trusted anyone, not even myself. The first time I learnt to trust someone is when he promised me that it wouldn’t hurt when he cut my nails. He tought me how to bike eventhough he couldn’t. He said that I can do it, I believed him. He always told me that once I’ve grown up, I will be smart, successful, powerful and superrich. I am the one who will create good karmas and make the world better. He claimed that he is not as high ranked as me and when I can, I should make good karmas for him, making the world a better place and he will rest in peace.

Every time I think of him, I get so emotional and become the little child I used to be, as if taken a time machine. His words never left me.

Rest in peace Sahatchai!

You will always be a part of me and I will keep my promise.

Love, your Gampan